Employment center

Transnational Employment Centre staffed with Key Account Managers (KAMs)

[Delivered: April 2020]

The Transnational Employment Centre has a nodal role in the YOUTHShare project. It connects the insights of the Transnational Research Network with the Mediterranean societies. At the same time it provides constant feedback to research updating by that its analyses.

The employment centre enhances NEETs’ employability across MED EEA. It focuses on networking and job matching in resilient sectors and social/ sharing economies of coastal/insular areas.

The Transnational Employment Centre comprises four branches, established in the four focus countries.

YOUTHShare Transnational Employment Centre – Greece

Located in the premises of the Network for Employment and Social Care (NESC), in Piraeus, Greece, it’s the ideal place for networking and matching young people with different stakeholders. In a welcoming and relaxed environment young people are informed about alternative career paths and redefine their employability opportunities.

The Key Account Manager, Aimilia Markaki, is the personal link for the empowerment and coaching of NEETs building trusting relationships with both NEETs and their potential Employers.


YOUTHShare- Transnational Employment Centre – Cyprus

Established in the premises of the Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology, in Nicosia, Cyprus, it provides easy access to any interested party as well as an opportunity for youth to get to know more about the YOUTHShare project and their opportunities for a career in a locally resilient sector.

The Key Account Manager, Foteini Sokratous, is the gateway of NEETS to skills upgrade and to job or internship opportunities in the abour market. 

Visit the Cypriot Branch        (fb: https://www.facebook.com/youthsharecyprus/)


YOUTHShare Centro Transnazionale per l’Impiego – Italy

The Italian Branch of the Transnational Employment Centre is located in Potenza, Italy, at the premises of the Agenzia Regionale Lavoro e Apprendimento Basilicata. It offers innovative services, support, motivation and practical assistance to interested NEETs.

The Key Account Manager, Rosa Messuti, offers career counselling, mentoring, networking and job matching, to bridge the gap between potential employers and young unemployed people.

Visit the Italian Branch         (fb: https://www.facebook.com/YOUTHShareItaly)


YOUTHShare Transnational Employment Centre – Spain

The branch of the Transnational Placement centre of the YOUTHShare project in Spain is located in the premises of the Educational Association for Integration and Equality in Murcia, Spain. NEETs interested, partners and stakeholders will find support at local, national and transnational level for their labour and entrepreneurial endeavours.

The Key Account Manager, Mari Angeles Galiana, will offer custom-made support and councelling to both ends of the labour relationship, to prospective entrepreneurs and to policy makers.

Visit the Spanish Branch      (fb: https://www.facebook.com/YOUTHShareAeiiSpain)