Apprenticeships and Mobility

Apprenticeships in resilient sectors and/or social enterprises

[Estimated delivery: Fall 2021]

The facilitation of apprenticeships are a crucial target of the YOUTHShare project. Enterprise Networking parrners with their Social Economy Innovators and Experts will collaborate with local enterprise stakeholders’ communities to host apprentices. Former NEETs trained in resilient sectors such as agrifood industry, waste management, social economy and platform economy are already making their first steps with the labour market. 



Mobility of apprentices across MED EEA

[Estimated delivery: Fall 2021]

Mobility of apprentices is the heart of the apprenticeship program of the YOUTHShare project. Selected former NEETs, after training, are already travelling to different focus countries to participate in apprenticeships and acquire extended set of skills. Those NEETs are expexted to network and take the transnational weave of collaboration to the next step.

The mobiliy of apprentices across MED EEA materialises the Transnational element of the Employment Centre of the YOUTHShare project.