Training Sessions, Manuals and Handbooks

Training manual for Key Account Managers (KAMs) on outreaching, coaching, job matching, skills utilizing for NEETs

[Delivered: June 2020 (version 1)/ July 2020 (version 2)]

Manual (EN)

The present report constitutes integral part of the series of outputs designed to connect the creation of new knowledge for the NEET phenomenon with the implementation of innovative solutions. The educators, researchers and social work experts, who are involved in the YOUTHShare project, have collaborated to produce an innovative manual for the Key Account Managers of the Transnational Employment Centre branches. The manual covers the subjects of outreaching NEETs in the special conditions across the MED EEA, coaching them towards their integration in the job market, delivering effective job matching, and putting their skills in use.

The Manual, along with every ther output delivered in the framework of the project “A Place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA: Social and Sharing Economy for NEETs” (YOUTHShare), is materialised after the generous funding by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


Training Material for NEETs in Resilient Sectors, Social Economy & IT and Web-based Economy

[Delivered: September 2020]

Another link in the chain between primary research and implementation is the training material designed especially for NEETs. Following the investigation of their social profile in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain, the trainee’s handbooks and the educator’s manuals are custom-designed to introduce former NEETs to niche economic sectors.

  • Skills in Resilient Sectors of the Mediterranean Economies

Educator’s Manual

Trainee’s Handbook EN, EL, IT, ES

  • Skills in Social Economy

Educator’s Manual

Trainee’s Handbook EN, EL, IT, ES

  • IT Skills in Sharing and Web-based Economy

Educator’s Manual

Trainee’s Handbook EN, EL, IT, ES 


Former NEETs trained and acquiring advanced skills

[Delivered: Winter 2021]

Educators, Researchers and Experts involved in YOUTHShare project collaborated to organize classes and train the transnational group of the 300 selected NEETs in resilient sectors, social/sharing economy and pertinent IT tools.

By May 2021 more than 342 NEETs (114%) have completed and successfuly certified their new skills trhough a demanding 120 hours training process.