Apprenticeships and Mobility

Apprenticeships in resilient sectors and/or social enterprises

[Delivered: Summer 2023]

Matching trained NEETs with employers was a crucial target of the YOUTHShare project. YOUTHShare project team, i.e. TECs, KAMs, and Social Economy Innovators and Experts, join efforts to form a synergy with local enterprise stakeholders, resulting in the seamless delivery of impactful internship experiences that resonate with both employers and NEETs.
The internship process meticulously adheres to a robust quality monitoring framework implemented across partner countries, aligning with the European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships (EFQEA). This framework embraces core principles such as mentorship, the maintenance of a comprehensive daily log book, the establishment of a robust learning agreement, and the systematic collection of feedback. These pillars collectively ensure a standardized and enriching internship experience for participants. Amid the unique challenges posed by the pandemic, the internship landscape has been invigorated by the emergence of remote and hybrid internship models. These innovative solutions have effectively addressed the limitations brought about by the pandemic, allowing interns to engage meaningfully with their learning and work despite physical constraints.
YOUTHShare has so far, organized and delivered internships for 210 NEETs while fostering partnership with 160 employers.
54 of YOUTHShare interns, have already transitioned from interns to full-fledged employees.
Within this process women and migrants were our key targeted beneficiaries. More than 57 migrant or /and refugees had the opportunity to learn how to work in their host country.



Mobility of apprentices across MED EEA

[Delivered: Summer 2023]

Mobility of interns is the heart of the internship program of the YOUTHShare project. Selected former NEETs, after training, have travelled to different focus countries to participate in apprenticeships and acquired extended set of skills.
Despite pandemic and its restrictions 36 NEETs were able to travel, work and learn from a hosting organization abroad and thus take the transnational weave of collaboration to the next step.
The mobility of apprentices across the Mediterranean (MED) and European Economic Area (EEA) regions serves as a tangible realization of the Transnational element of the Employment Centre within the YOUTHShare project.
Overall, the YOUTHShare project appears to be creating valuable opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and international collaboration for the selected NEETs, thereby contributing to their integration into the workforce and society.